Our products

Safe. Natural. Clinically tested.

At Bionorica, we focus on providing worldwide leadership and care in the development, production, and distribution of high-quality natural products for the whole family.

From the beginning, Josef Popp, founder of Bionorica, concentrated on the consumer, putting their needs at the forefront of every new venture.

Today, we carry on Josef's tradition of discovery and validation of new and emerging science to produce value-added products, and we continue to seek the latest in innovative technologies in our never-ending commitment to quality.

Bionorica Quality Care

We lead the way in producing high-quality products that:

  • Support upper respiratory and lower respiratory and immune systems
  • Are made from plant-based extracts
  • Contain NO stimulants
  • Are effective, fast-acting, and heart safeĀ 

Bionorica Products - safe, natural, and clinically tested