Who we are

We're resourceful

We're accountable

Let’s try something new!’ That’s how we've built our business and our relationship with customers. Always looking for another way to make life better.

We care!
We do things the right way. Quality comes first. We are accountable for our accomplishments and everything we do.

We do it right!

We're motivated

We're collaborative

We’re always working to make things better. From new product development to industry-leading expertise and superb customer service.

We aim high!
We work together with suppliers, farmers, and customers, achieving exceptional results.

We work together!

What we do

We look to the future, investing in research and development, creating superior products that touch the lives of millions.

Everyday we combine the enormous potential of natural active substances (phytos) with the knowledge and methodology of modern pharmaceutical research (engineering) to develop safe, effective and unique natural products, all of which are the result of the science of Phytoneering.

We always stay true to our founding principle: respect nature and people in the pursuit of harnessing nature’s capacity to help people stay healthy and fit—that is our mission, that's what we do, that's who we are!