Our history

A timeline of our history

1933 - 1961       1970 - 1997       2000 - 2015          

In 1933, in the city of Nuremberg, Germany, Josef Popp, engineer and grandfather of today’s CEO, Prof. Dr. Michael Popp, founded Bionorica, a small family-owned business, which today is recognized as the company to revolutionize modern pharmaceutical medicine. 

  • Bionorica launched, Sinupret®, which proved to be the top-selling phytopharmaceutical product in Germany
  • In 1945, Josef Popp’s children, pharmacist Erna Popp and Dr. Hans-Oskar Popp, become part of the company's management team

  • The company's R&D department grows under the direction of Erna Popp  

  • In 1961, Erna and Hans-Oskar Popp move the company to its current premises, Neumarkt, Germany, and begin to hire their first employee