The Power of Plants


Our guiding principle is turning the quest for individual health and well being into reality.  We start with our tradition, unlocking Nature’s secrets to develop highly effective herbal products with combined insight, traditional methods, and pioneering results from scientific research. For more than 70 years, our process of cultivation, extraction and production has been setting international standards.

At Bionorica, it is the cutting-edge technology of Phytoneering and the power of plants that help us make fresh health solutions more and more natural to promote health in humankind. 

Screen, Extract and Analyze

The science of Phytoneering is at the heart of our ability to manufacture effective plant-based remedy products. Developed and managed at the Biological labs at the Austrian Drug Screening Institute ADSI, our company partner and industry scientific expert, extracts plant properties then screens them to facilitate choosing ingredients, then analyzes the plant compounds to determine the best medicinal properties and relative quantities of each plant used in the manufacturing of products like: Sinupret Tablets, Adult StrengthSinupret Kids Syrup, and Bronchipret.

The results are products made from a broad spectrum of plant compounds, proven to tackle complex health concerns.

Quality Product Development 

The accepted rules of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) are implemented in our production facilities and laboratories. The technical equipment and process flow of our facilities for extraction, concentration and drying meet all the regulatory requirements.

In the percolation and maceration as well as in the production of pressed fresh plant juices, our extraction techniques ensure optimal results in terms of yields and quality. For the subsequent concentration and drying steps, our facilities and processes are patented, and they ensure a gentle handling of the many kinds of final extracts.

To produce plant extracts of a consistently high quality is both our target and our standard.