Research & Development

Meeting Health Challenges Around the Globe

As a natural products company we strive to meet the needs of a shifting world and constantly search for great solutions for customers of all ages. Our team of R&D researchers is a key component and the reason why our company continues to grow and to produce the best in innovative products.

Our R&D efforts involve an international network of scientists and researchers who continually focus on developing products that meet global health challenges in places like Eastern Europe, China, South American, India, and the US.

Cutting-Edge Technology

In our quest to produce the very best products, we rely on the latest in product development technology, Phytoneering, a process that screens, analyzes, and identifies superior ingredients. Through this innovative technology, we produce herbal compounds that are far superior to those found in other plant-based brands, and advance our belief in the power of plants. 

The Power of Partnership

We believe in the power of partnership to find solutions. It is the reason for our ability to build strong relationships with universities, research institutes, customers and suppliers around the world remains one of our strongest assets, and the why we reward scientific excellence through our Bionorica Phytoneering Award.