Our values

A Culture of Social Responsibility

Bionorica has always been regarded as a pioneer of corporate social responsibility, committed to protect and revere the treasures of nature. Our business principles, set so many years ago, remain the foundation of our corporation. Together, with our team of dedicated researchers, our worldwide scientific network, and our phytoneering philosophy that continues to direct our actions to:

  • continue sustainable research
  • harness and utilize the potential found in nature’s ingredients
  • protect the environment
  • honor our stakeholders and patrons

On a global level, we have established long-term cooperative relationships with over 500 leading universities and clinics. We operate our own research facility – Bionorica research GmbH, headquartered in Innsbruck, conducting a number of research projects at the facility, and we are developing our markets in a sustainable approach: a foundation of competency, trust and transparency.

Today, we remain a forward-thinking company, embedding sustainability practices into the core of our business operations, and advocate for human rights and environmental protection. We are accountable to these ideals, and aim to create value for our shareholders, our employees, and our patrons.

Our Values

Such values remain particularly close to our hearts and are central to the way we engage in the world: to show respect for our environment, and work to keep the natural world healthy and worth living in.

Every day, we are making progress in the pursuit of our goals.